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Candlelighting ReflectionLord, we come before you once again, as we have done so many times before. We gather in this beautiful Church in the peace and stillness of a December afternoon. We gather as family – the family of St. Paul’s High School. We gather because we want to, because we need to, because we love to come into your presence and once again bring our needs and our requests. Once again we come to hear your word spoken to us. Once again to ask what it is you want of us.
We ask ourselves “What is so special about this afternoon?” This afternoon is special because it is a real Christmas preparation. This afternoon is not about buying presents -it is about being Present. We come to be in your presence. We have come to listen.
We come like Mary mindful of our many weaknesses. We still come into your presence because you have loved us enough to call us into being. Grateful for our gift of life, we are here to ask what you want of us.
We hear you telling us that we too are to bring forth the Christ child.
We hear you telling us not to worry, that the power of your spirit will be enough to make the improbable happen.
We hear you asking us to bring the Love and forgiveness of Jesus to birth wherever we are.
We hear you asking us if we love you enough to let your work through us be for the transformation of our world.
We hear you asking us to do what we can to end violence and hatred and to bring about the Reign of Love, the Reign of God, the Day of the Lord. We hear you asking us to make Christmas happen this year.
We ask you to help us respond in the way Mary did. We ask you to help us say “Be it done through me according to your will.” We ask you to give us the strength to proclaim that you have done great things through us. Amen.
~Sister Maureen O’Brien, BVM for Candlelighting 1990