About us...

The St. Paul High School Alumnae Association, founded in 1925, has been an on-going means of maintaining contacts among alumnae and providing support for the school.

All graduates of the high school and those other students who attended who wish to maintain contact are considered members of the organization.

The Alumnae Association maintains a current database of all known addresses and emails.   A newsletter is sent (either by mail or email) three times a year (March, July, and October) to all known addresses.  Its publication and distribution is supported in large part by annual dues of $20.  Individual classes may obtain information from the database for reunion purposes.

Officers of the Alumnae Association are elected from among the membership and form the Alumnae Board, meeting monthly (except in the summer).  The principal or her delegate served as the Alumnae Moderator.  Until the Fall of 2013, the former principal, Sr. Maureen O'Brien, BVM '54, served as the Alumnae Moderator.

Several events are sponsored annually by the Alumnae Association, including the Mass and Luncheon honoring the Golden Belles in November, Candlelighting in December, the Mass for Deceased Alumnae in January, and the Fundraiser in April.

The annual fundraiser event raises monies to provide tuition assistance to children and grandchildren of alumnae enrolled in Catholic high schools, to support the BVM Sisters Retirement Fund, to offer assistance to a shelter for women and children, and to ensure the publication of the newsletter.

Officers and Board Members

President: Marilyn Highlander-Pool '63

First Vice-President: Linda Van Hagen Nuti '62

Second Vice-President: Angela Barberini Johnson '59

Recording Secretary: Maureen Kelleher Lennon '59

Corresponding Secretary: Vicki Hoyos Hansel '57

Treasurer: Jann Ortega Phillips '60

Alumnae Representative: Sue White Barberini '62

Alumnae Representative: Lilly Carter '60

Alumnae Representative: Josephine Kraft Territo '62

Past Board Presidents

Years                      Name and Class                                         1925-1927 Mary McCarron Tracy '251927-1928 Alice McArdle '251928-1929 1929-1930 Rose Mitchell Johnson '201930-1931 1931-1932 Rosemary O’Neill '261932-1933 Margaret McAuliffe Shea '261933-1934 Virginia Tally Owens '261934-1935 Mary Brown '221935-1936 Jeanette McGinty Dennis (D) '281936-1937 Peggy Shaw1937-1938 Dorothy Mitchell '261938-1939 Margaret Cahill '261939-1940 Elizabeth Boland '261940-1941 1941-1942 Marion O’Brien Tandy (D) '331942-1943 Ellen McSweeney (D) '321943-1944 Anna Keane '261944-1945 Hannah Moran Dillon '311945-1948 Katherine Flannery Hallett (D) '381948-1950 Eileen Connolly '321950-1952 Mary Helen McGee Hansen (D) '391952-1954 Marie Kelleher Burke (D) '451954-1956 Dorothy Powers Lynch (D) '301956-1958 Ellen Coulman Strain (D) '361958-1960 Claire Turner Tamony (D) '401960-1962 Nabla O’Brennan Ruane (D) '371962-1964 Katherine O’Shea '481964-1966 Margaret Strain Bermingham '551966-1968 Mary O’Keefe (D) '481968-1970 Eileen Mulholland (D) '481970-1972 Barbara Conroy Lorenzini (D) '461972-1974 Barbara Keeley '531974-1976 Donna Ahlstrand '641976-1978 Marilyn Highlander '631978-1980 Mae O’Malley (D) '311980-1982 Margaret Ortelle '631982-1984 Alyce Wetzel Murphy '361984-1986 Marilyn Driscoll '571986-1988 Joan Strachan '791988-1990 Margaret Lehane Caramucci '611990-1992 Janet Ortega Phillips '601994-2000 Kay Kelly '552002-2004 Josephine Kenny Stark '542004-.... Marilyn Highlander-Pool '63